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Jun 04, 2020
Fad Diets vs Long Term Healthy Eating

Fad Diets vs Long Term Healthy Eating Habits

By now I’m sure you are familiar with terms such as “Atkins”? How about “Keto”? Ok, what about “Paleo”? I knew it, don't be shy. These are what we call “Fad diets”. What exactly is a fad diet? I’m sure you are asking. Well, that’s a good question and one that no one can definitively answer. There isn't actually a standard definition but it would best be described as a diet that is popular for some time, without being a standard daily recommendation, often promising unreasonably fast results. This is not to say some of these results can not be achieved, everyone is looking for the quick fix and some of those previously mentioned can achieve fairly quick results, but the debate arises more so about the ability to maintain such things. 

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all been there. You have been so busy looking after everyone else, you didn’t even realize that you now only have a month to go until that holiday you have been looking forward to all year and you are nowhere near beach ready. You start searching the internet for things that promise you we can lose several K.g.’s in a week. You want to believe them, at this point you have to believe them, so you go and do something wild like cutting out carbs and you know what, it gets you some results and you feel good as you sit on the plane. The problems begin when you get to your all-inclusive resort and remember you LOVE bread, and beer, and pasta… You get the point. So you reintroduce these things to your body and by the time you get home, without even overindulging, you are right back where you started. The thing is, these diets tend to be focusing on one specific goal i.e. quick weight loss, cleansing, etc. and not the overall wellness of your body.

In contrast, choosing to make positive long term changes to your lifestyle and diet may not produce the immediate results needed when you are jetting to Samoa in a month, but a consistently healthy lifestyle has so many long term benefits. We believe committing to simple, healthy changes in your lifestyle is much better than creating unrealistic habits for the body to process. Choose food and drink that your body can process naturally and don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you just eat salads, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance so this means feeding our bodies regularly with a good variety of food, water, exercise, and sleep.

There really is only one winner for us in the quick results vs long term benefits contest for us. You can access our health eating meal library with your online membership and they are all based on the long term, healthy principles of balance. Delicious healthy food, in perfect portions to keep you energised throughout your day and create healthy habits in your nutrition that don’t just last for a summer, they last a lifetime. 

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